Beginners Guide to League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) is a massively multiplayer online battle arena (MMOBA) game. League of Legends has gained immense popularity in recent years, since it was first launched in 2009. The game was available for both Windows and Mac OSX, but development for the Mac version was later dropped. According to Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends, approximately 67 million people play the game every month.

The basic concept of the game is actually very simple and not complicated at all. Most MOBA games pit two teach against each other to compete. LoL is no different, in the 5v5 mode your team will be pitted against the enemy on a map called Summoner’s Rift. The whole idea is to destroy enemy bases, called Nexus.

LoL has been continuously developed over the years with a number of updates and new features coming out. Riot Games also added a 3v3 battle option and were the first ones to introduce what we now know as “Dominion Gameplay Mode”. The aim in this mode is to hold dominion, i.e. capture, five points on the map. The team that captures these points reduces their enemy’s health.

Influence Points

This is the the in-game currency for all League of Legends players. The amount a player earns is dependent on multiple factors ranging from battle results, summoner levels to the number of bots in the game.

Influence points, usually referred to as IP by LoL players, are very important. They are used to purchase in-game items such as champions and runs. Spend them wisely. Think about your strategy and what you want before you start spending.

Riot Points

One of the better decisions by Riot Games is to keep the gameplay and “paid” currency different. A player cannot purchase influence points, but they can buy Riot Points with PayPal/Credit/Debit cards.

Riot points are utilized for unlocking champions, boosts and various rune pages. You can also use riot points to unlock various boosts (experience and influence points). The good thing is, Riot Points cannot be spent on runes. Riot Points can be earned for free too through various activities (such as referring friends to League of Legends).


Runes allow players to customize their stats. Using runes, a player can increase things like health, damage, mana regeneration speed, movement speed and many other things. Using runes, you would be able to play the same champion in a different style depending upon the choices of runes and mastery.


Before you can use champions, they have to be unlocked first. You can use both riot points or influence points to accomplish this. Each week, there are multiple champions available to play for free. This gives the summoners a change to try out different champions before they purchase them. The types of champions available are varied too, ranging from assassins, bruisers, supports, casters, junglers and tanks.

Ranked Matches

This particular game mode is no different from the standard mode. The only difference is that players are given rankings based on the result of them game. This is called ELO ranking system, which is also used in chess. If you wish to boost your ELO rankings and don’t have the time or expertise, you can use services from They have the best elo boosting service compared to other providers. You can visit them here: Elo Boosting Service.


The concept and logic behind LoL is the reason for its huge success and ever growing popularity. This game has dominated the MOBA genre for quite some time, with the 2015 pool prize exceeding USD 2,000,000.