Five Smartphone Apps to Exercise your Brain

Training your brain to be more efficient using smartphone has been a relatively new concept. There are tons of apps for every different mobile platform. These are some of the most interesting brain exercise apps for all types of goals.

Apps to Improve Your Memory

If you wish to improve your ability to remember and recall names, faces, information and other data, you can use the following apps to train your brain.

Lumosity Brain Games

lumosity-logoLumosity is one of the most famous apps in this segment. Lumosity’s exercises are based on sound scientific principles and the app has very good reviews.

It has games/challenges that target different areas of brain function. Whether your goal is to improve short term memory function, or improve your problem solving skills, Lumosity has it all.

It also stores your results for each exercise you perform and help you track your progress. You can also set daily reminders to get notified when it is time for a brain workout.


Although Peak is similar to Lumosity, with different types of exercises to target different brain functions, it is only available for iOS devices. One of the departments in which Peak clearly beats Lumosity is its analytics and progress graphs. They are very detailed, informative and easy to understand.

If you are using an iOS device and wish to use a brain training app for a considerable period, we would definitely recommend Peak over Lumosity.

Memory Trainers

Memory Trainer is a free app (with ads), but only supports Android devices at the moment. It has different exercises to target visual and spatial memory. There are exercises to improve focus and concentration too.

Apps That Train You Brain To Learn

In order to be able to learn new things and learn them quickly, you need to be able to analyze situations, make multiple decisions and apply logic. The following apps will help you develop better brain plasticity and assimilate new information at a faster rate.


If you like Sudoku you would absolutely love Kakuro. Even if you found Sudoku a bit boring for your taste, Kakuro has something to offer.

This is definitely a must have. Kakuro involves larger grids, hence more complex, your aim is to identify the digits in the rows and columns based on their sums. It surely involves a bit more math than Sudoku, but it is definitely a lot more fun. Real Kakuro is one of the more popular apps in this genre, and it is free on iOS and the Google app store (with ads). Did we mention it’s fun?

This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Studies have shown direct correlation between the size of a person’s vocabulary and their success. People who have grasp over a larger set of words are generally more successful than counterparts.

The app’s approach towards vocabulary building is much more user-friendly and intuitive than the competition. You can look up words, and it will not only furnish you with its meaning but it also includes real world usage, explanation, tips on usage and pronunciations.

If that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to you, it also includes a game with a point-based achievement system to encourage you to learn new words. The app retails for $2.99 on both Android and iOS.