Three Smartphone Apps to Boost Productivity


This is the era of smartphones. Sure you might be using a laptop or desktop to work, but smartphone still remains one of the most common method of consuming information and getting notified.

Here are ten app to boost your productivity, whether it’s about consuming information or managing your alerts and notifications better.


Feedly helps you manage and gather content you are interested in. Using the app, you can make sure you never miss anything. You can add your favorite blog feeds, news sources and stay on top of all new content.

The best thing is that you aren’t just limited to rss feeds or news sources. Feedly works just as well with your podcasts and YouTube channels. Now you will never miss out on a good read.

Pomodoro Challenge

pomodro challengeIf you get distracted easily, download this as early as possible. It enables you to set work sessions for yourself and time them as you wish to. Similarly, it lets you set break sessions for yourself.

A lot has been said and discussed about the ability of the Pomodoro technique. The basic concept of the Pomodoro technique is to work for twenty-five minutes with five minutes of break in between two pomodoros. After every fourth Pomodoro, the rest duration will be longer, usually fifteen minutes.

What differentiates Pomodoro Challenge from other apps is its concept. Rather than being just a time tracking app, it gives you so much more in a fun package. The best feature is the achievements and rankings. Based on how many pomodoros you complete every day, you are awarded a rank. This rank changes week to week based on how productive you have been throughout the week.

You can also unlock achievements based on how productive you have been.

This app allows you to add projects and assign pomodoros to a certain project. People who charge hourly for their service might find it very useful to keep track of their billable hours.


snowball notification managerThis is the age of information, there is too much information and not enough time. Using snowball you will be able to drown out the noise and manage your notifications better. With this app, you can mark which apps notifications are important, and which are the ones you don’t wish to see or hide. A vibration alert can be kept on for important notifications with snowball.

No more annoying notifications from your non-essential apps, only get notified for what’s important.