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push the third button twice

PTTBT, an acronym of Push The Third Button Twice, is a technology blog dedicated to bringing you the latest updates, reviews and guides for all things related to tech. Our primary focus remains on software, mobile devices and gaming. PTTBT is updated regularly to bring you the best information related to technology.

Push the Third Button Twice, your largely unreliable source for information that may or may not relate to the reality you current inhabit. This site exhibits personal opinionated take on all things related to technology.

What does “Push the Third Button Twice” mean? As of now, it really means nothing at all. But I am hopeful that one day, in a particular corner of the world, it will make sense. When that day comes, I would want the world to remember the site that was named after that moment, and not the other way around.

People often tell me that the Onion does the same gag, albeit better. To them, I wish to ask “what gag?”. There is no gag, I don’t even intentionally write satire. These are only my opinions; I can’t help it if they sound satirical at the end of the day.

PTTBT wishes to be the world’s leading tech publication, offering highly opinionated coverage of all national and international tech news. From its humble beginnings in 2005, PTTBT has come a long way.

At PTTBT, we keep it real, maintaining a stellar standard of excellence that the rest of the industry only aspires to achieve. PTTBT also supports thousands of full time tech journalism jobs, spanning over multiple news houses and manual labour camps in communist nations. We have international reach, with our editorial board stationed in China, Syria, Somalia and the former Soviet Union.

The only reason I started this website in the first place was to take advantage of the various tax benefits it had to offer. Now I am bleeding so much money, the government might have to bail me out. Reverse taxation, your hard earned dollars are paying for this site and my time.

On a serious note, I would like to thank all the people who have helped me along this journey. Above all, I would like to thank Josh MacDonald, for his encouragement and technical expertise. His support has been monumental in helping PTTBT grow.